The Impact Of A More Comfortable Uniform On Workers’ Performance

Did you know that studies proved how certain attires could make people be more alert than when they’re wearing casual clothes? Your outfit can give you the confidence you need to look sharp and smart. Some might think that wearing business clothes or uniforms are boring since you can’t show off your style.

However, if you are an employer or a business owner who wants to have employees that look polished and prosperous in their tasks, then maybe it’s time to implement uniforms or dress codes in the office. While the usual shirt and jeans are more comfortable for everyone, it won’t motivate them to be more productive because they might feel too relaxed.


When you go to a park or a party, what do you usually wear? Do you wear a pencil skirt or a tuxedo? Or do you wear something that is more relaxed and comfy like a ragged t-shirt? Of course, it’s the latter right? When your employees decide to wear their most comfortable clothes, that will send a particular message to clients or business partners.

There is always a right clothing for every situation and mood. If you are feeling happy or playful, you tend to wear something that tells that like a bright pink t-shirt. However, if you want your workers to take their jobs and your company seriously, wearing something more formal can help set their minds to full working mode.

If you want to have more productive employees, then they must be able to work fast and meet all of the demands of clients. This means that wearing something that is meant for a slow day at the beach shouldn’t even be an option for anyone in the office.

Allow Little Tweaks

Wearing a uniform or a business attire shouldn’t be boring. If you wear the same things every day, you will find work boring. Find little ways to spice up your attire in the office. A small change can push you to be more productive or just put a smile on your face and boost your performance at work.

It is pretty simple to put a system together wherein you can supply your employees work clothing that they can be efficient with. For the majority of times, there are uniform rental service programs that are available in your city. If not, it would also help to search online for a uniform service that can cater to your custom needs.

Employees May Vary Preferences

Women have a lot of ways to change up their attires once in a while. Accessories can easily change the dull uniform into something more elegant, chic, or polished. Everything depends on how you want people to see you. You just have to experiment a little bit.

Men are usually too lazy to add something to their attires. Sometimes they don’t mind wearing the same things every day. But if you are a man who loves to show your personality through your fabulous fashion sense, then custom cufflinks and buttons are little details that could go a long way.

Dress Up For Ultimate Success

Dressing for success is a real thing. If you want your employees to feel successful in their fields, then ask them to wear something that will make look like one. Uniforms are also perfect for encouraging them to work as a team and be a part of something that they are a part of.

How To Treat Fibromyalgia With Chiropractic Services

In this day and age, eastern medicine and alternative forms of medical treatment are being taken seriously more than ever due to their remarkable health properties. More people are becoming wise to the fact that a lot of the medical and pharmaceutical industry is set up to fatten the wallets of companies, more than provide the best available treatment.

In this regard, it is important to recognize the overwhelming benefits that chiropractic care can provide to your overall health. One way that this form of treatment helps is to aid with fibromyalgia symptoms. In this regard, learn more about this condition and recognize that chiropractic care can help you out.

What Exactly Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that affects some different people. It is a condition that affects your entire musculoskeletal system and deals with incredible sensitivity and pain that can be uncomfortable or debilitating. Somewhere around 2% of people in the United States deal with this condition regularly.

Some examples of fibromyalgia symptoms include insomnia, chronic headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, muscular fatigue, twitching and overall body pain. While scientists and medical professionals are currently unaware of the cause of fibromyalgia, chiropractic care is known to help. By reaching out to a licensed and insured chiropractor, you may be able to receive help with these symptoms.

What Can Help This Condition?

Because fibromyalgia is a condition that affects your entire musculoskeletal system, chiropractic care is known to help. By massaging, adjusting and loosening your joints, ligaments, and muscles, you are thereby strengthening your entire musculoskeletal system and making it less susceptible to the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Your chiropractor can help you out with issues related to spinal stenosis, which typically goes hand-in-hand with fibromyalgia. You will be able to stretch and strengthen your musculoskeletal system so that it is better able to serve you and help fight against these symptoms.

How Can I Get The Help Of A Chiropractor?

Any time that you want the aid and service of a chiropractic clinic, it pays to look around to see which chiropractors are the best at what they do. These professionals will be able to assist you and will allow you to come in for an initial patient visit. It is during this initial patient visit that they will take inventory of your body and your condition to provide you with subsequent treatments. Make sure that you also get in touch with them to see if they accept your medical insurance coverage.

Some chiropractors also work with health coaches, who can potentially help you transition into a healthier lifestyle and provide you advice on nourishing your body with the right types of food, to practice prevention and to maintain a balanced well being.

Reach out to the help of a chiropractic clinic that can serve you if you happen to be one of many people dealing with fibromyalgia and all of its symptoms. By doing this, you will be able to cure yourself of these troubles through the help of medical professionals who can help you out. Chiropractor services is perfect for your holistic health, so follow these tips and make the most of them, as you find a chiropractor who can serve you.

What Is Sciatica?

Recently a family member of mine has been diagnosed with sciatica. We took her to a local chiropractic in Memphis, Tennessee and the doctor shed some light on her condition. Id like to share this article with anyone interested in learning more about sciatica.

Sciatica, or sciatic neuritis, consists of a group of symptoms that arise from irritation of any of the five spinal nerve roots that connect to the sciatic nerve, or the irritation of the sciatic nerve itself. Sciatica may include pain primarily in the lower back, but may also include sharp, dull, or burning pain in the buttocks and down into the legs and feet. Pain may also be accompanied by numbness, tingling, and muscular weakness from the lower back down through the feet. Sciatica is the term applied to symptoms that develop due to irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerves arise initially as a group of smaller nerves that branch off from the spinal cord on both sides of the lower lumbar and sacral area. This group of smaller nerves comes together in the pelvis as the sciatic nerve which then runs down each leg towards the foot, dividing into two parts in the lower leg.

Disc bulges / herniations are the most common sources of sciatic nerve irritation. A herniated disc can push against one or more of the component parts of the sciatic nerve where they arise from the spinal cord. In addition, disc injuries may be accompanied by swelling and inflammation, which can further compress and irritate nerves. The symptoms may be felt all or part of the way along the course of the sciatic nerve, beginning in the buttock area and extending down the leg, sometimes all the way to the foot.

Other sources of sciatica include bone spurs and direct trauma to the nerve itself, such as with an impact or heavy pressure applied just behind the hip joint. In rare occasions, a spinal tumor can compress the components of the sciatic nerve in the spinal canals, and in a few cases, a cyst or tumor may compress the sciatic nerve at the knee.

Contrary to a common misconception, not all leg pain is sciatica. True sciatica is characterized as being mostly in the back of the leg and may be felt as a sharp pain, burning, tingling, on the other hand like an electric stun. In any case, even side effects that meet that depiction are not an unequivocal marker of genuine sciatica. Now and again, bunches of withdrawal called trigger focuses in a muscle called the piriformis that is found in the butt cheek zone can bring about alluded torment that intently emulates sciatica. Trigger focuses in different muscles in the posterior and upper thigh can bring about alluded torment in the side of the leg that might be confused for sciatica too.

In most cases of true sciatica, the treatment options are most often directed at decreasing inflammation and/or treating the bulging disc. In most cases, sciatica will eventually go away with or without special treatment, but because of the severity of sciatica symptoms, many sufferers will seek out professional care. Unfortunately, the most commonly available treatments often fail to bring relief and may have potentially serious side-effects. Fortunately there have been some new developments and a new treatment is now available that provides safer and more effective treatment for many sciatica patients.

What can SEO do for your business?

Even in this age and time, there’s a big gap between businesses and SEO. There are many businesses that fail to understand the importance and thereby, the benefits of sparking up and taking the aid of an SEO expert. Mostly seen as a just another marketing gimmick, it’s essential for businesses to realize the true potential of Search Engine Optimization. With search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and many others, conquering the digital and global business scenes, it has come to be of paramount importance that you sit back and think about the choices you make for your business.

While SEO is not just a beneficial marketing strategy, it is a downright necessity for marketing of businesses and establishing a brand. An optimized search engine page ranking for your website means you’ve amplified the volume of traffic browsing through your link when they search through the Web.

More traffic would mean more business and more business is extensive growth and revenue. I am painting quite a quaint picture out here and I am sure, you’re now interested. So, here are a few ways in which SEO conjures magic and helps in elevating your business.

Increases leads/traffic

Gaining a top ranking for your web page would mean gaining a majority of the target audiences’ attention. With an expert in tow and implementing the correct use of SEO, you will be able to notice the influx of traffic to your page, increasing the leads and thus, creating brand awareness.

As SEO concentrates on the effective use of keywords in excellent content and title tags along with meta descriptions, it will surely help the click-through rate on your site and inch your business a notch higher.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike the other marketing strategies, SEO is extremely cost-effective as it specifically targets just the users looking out for a particular service or aid for their requirements. It’s an inbound strategy, so the expenses are  constricted by 61% than regular strategies. It’s regarded as one of the most result-oriented of all the marketing strategies there are for the target audiences turning to online media for their needs.


Return on investment (ROI) is like a great pat on the back after an accomplishment, and SEO provides you with tangible evidence for your ROI. With comprehensive business analytics conducted on the rankings, leads, traffic, and efforts rendered, it’s surely going to be a treat for your eyes to see SEO getting in as much as 60% of the traffic to your site.

Tapping on user preferences

Currently, the Internet is the one-stop shop for all our needs. Everyone today consults the Internet for all their needs and requirements. It will be a great thing for your business to use this to their benefit and understand user preferences and keyword while creating edible content for your audiences.

If you know what your client is going to type into the search engine, you might as well have won the jackpot. SEO will help you focus on that and thus, help optimize your business in the cleanest way possible.

What to look for in your new Memphis home

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. If you changed your mind and thought that you need another style or size or brand, you can easily return and get the replacement that you want. It may sometimes entail additional cost but you can get the one you want when you realized that you made the wrong choice when you first shopped. The case for buying a house is different. When you decided to buy a house, you can no longer change your decision once you already have signed and issued your check. This means that you have to exercise due caution and wisdom when making this major decision of your life.

The general criteria that you can use in determining if a house is worth buying or not include the house’s price, location, situation, community, floor size, floor plan and clean carpet.

The cost of the house is a very important factor in buying a home. You can use different websites to filter homes to fit your budget.  Even if you have enough funds for the required down payment, you should still consider the monthly amortization and compare it against your monthly income. You wouldn’t want to buy a home that will later on become a candidate for foreclosure. You have to exercise wise judgment and buy what you can only support given your current financial situation.

If you no longer have a problem with the price, you can take into consideration the location of the home. The location can determine the operational expenses that it will incur in your budget. You have to consider the home’s proximity to your workplace and its accessibility to parks, shopping places, schools and public transportation. You also have to check on the neighborhood and the neighbors. It is better to live in a small house in the nicest neighborhood than to live in a big one with rude and insensitive neighbors. You can change how your home can look but you can never change its location and the kind of community where it is located. In Memphis there are several suburbs that have great shopping, schools, and restaurants. 

When buying a home, you should also consider the situation of the home. You can check if it stands on a hill, or if there is a good view, or has many stairs. You should also check on the location of the house with regard to the houses nearby, making sure that there are no windows that can see the whole view of the house. If you are fond of gardening, you can check on the possibility of setting up your garden with the landscape that you want. Is there a yard that will allow kids or pets to play?

The home’s appeal is very important especially if you are concerned about your image. Your home can reflect your lifestyle. For the busy and more modern personalities, you can choose some Victorian inspired homes instead of the conservative ones. I liked browsing through for inspiration.

Lastly, you should consider the floor size, floor plan and clean carpet in your decision to buy a home. In my first home, the carpet was terrible so I hired some carpet cleaners near me to clean the carpet and it was like brand new when they finished. You have to determine if the number of rooms and baths are relevant to your needs. You have to be practical in buying what you only need. If you live alone or you have a small family, it may be unwise to get a home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. You will end up needing more furniture and paying high heating bills and higher taxes.

When you have considered the above, you can be sure that you have considered the major areas that will affect your important life decision to buy your new home.

This video shows some tips for low budget decorating in your new home.


My visit to my optometrist in Memphis

I recently went to my eye doctor near me for a check up and I noticed most of my friends were scared to go because of the process. I wanted to lay out the process for anyone to see so they know what to expect. Its always less intimidating when you know whats going to happen before you go.

It is crucial to have regular eye checkups done by a qualified optometrist. Many people erroneously believe that eye checkups are for people with poor vision. An eye exam is beneficial even for those who do not have poor vision. That is because eye tests can detect early symptoms of some health problems such as macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, cataract, high blood pressure, and even arthritis. Thus, it behooves everyone to have regular eye checkups.

For those who wear contact lenses, the recommended eye checkup interval is a year. Children should get a vision screening just before they begin schooling and afterwards, every year, or after every two years.

One of the reasons people hesitate going for eye checkups is that they dread that the procedure may take a long time. Well, an eye exam does not consume plenty of time. The initial visit takes the longest time, usually one hour as the optometrist has to do a comprehensive eye exam, but subsequent visits won’t take as much time. Therefore, the amount of time the eye exam takes depends on if the visit is the initial one, or if it is just a regular follow-up visit.

What Should You Expect During a Regular Eye Exam?

The first thing the optometrist will do is inquire if you have any eye problems and for how long you’ve been having the problem if any. He will then review your history of contact lenses or glasses and ask more questions touching on your general health, for example, if you are on any medication, and, sometimes, your family medical history.

The optometrist will then administer some tests such as the visual acuity test, the refraction of diopter test, keratometry, Slit-Lamp Examination, etc.

The optometrist will administer the visual acuity test with the help of a Snellen chart where you will be required to read random letters which diminish in size line by line as you move your eyes down the chart.

The diopter or refraction test is administered so as to find out if you need glasses. If you are almost 40 years of age or thereabouts, and you find it difficult to read letters on the Snellen chart close up, the optometrist will place various lenses before your eye one at a time, and inquire if you can be able to comfortably read the letters on the Snellen chart.

The Slit-Lamp text, on the other hand, is meant to examine your eye health and find out if there are any signs of disease or infection. You will place your chin on a chin rest area of the slip lamp, and then the optometrist will shine the slit lamp’s light at your eye to examine every part of your eye one by one.

Lastly, the doctor will measure the curvature of your cornea, a process called keratometry.

If you don’t have an eye doctor already, it is important you choose a qualified optometrist whom you can trust to faithfully, diligently take care of your eye problems. How do you choose one?

One of the best ways to land a trustworthy, reliable optometrist is to ask for a recommendation from your general doctor of pediatrician. Your general doctor must be having the names of excellent optometrists around. You can also work with recommendations from coworkers, friends, and family. Or, you can check in professional organizations such as the American Optometric Association so as to find local eye doctors. Another great option is to check rating for doctors on Yelp. After the initial appointment, you can tell if a doctor is competent enough or not based on how thorough the eye examination was, and if the doctor exuded with knowledge on the area.

Below is a video of an eye exam.


Disinfection & Sterilization

I have been going to UTHSC for my dental care for a while now and I wanted to share this information my student doctor at UTHSC gave me about sterilization of dental tools.

My student doctor can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

In the dental practice, the prevention of disease transmission is a critical concern. This can be carried out by following certain aseptic techniques; by sanitation and sterilization. Checking for potential contamination is among the first things one should do at the start of the day. It is essential for the practitioner to arrive early to the clinic in order to set up his practice against possible disease transmission. Treatment room barriers should be placed around the surfaces that contact the patient and operator, such as the operating chair, the overhead light, and the suction tips. Operators should also cover themselves with proper clinical attire, including a mask, coat, and gloves.
It is important to understand when it is appropriate to either disinfect or sterilize. Anything that penetrates soft tissue or bone is considered critical, and must be sterilized. Typically, this is accomplished in the practice by a steam autoclave set at 250o F for twenty to thirty minutes. A “flash cycle” can also be used, at which the autoclave is set at 273o F for three to ten minutes.
Semi-critical surfaces are those which contact the intact mucosa while noncritical surfaces contact intact skin. Both should be disinfected. The disinfectants used should be “hospital level,” meaning that they inactivate the polio 2 virus and tuberculosis.
Being cautious and mindful of possible contaminants should be second nature to the dental professional. The standard of care which utilizes appropriate aseptic techniques protects both the patient and the practitioner and should never be compromised.

For more information on the UTHSC school visit here.

How to start a blog.

If you’re going to write about something regularly and keep your blog fresh with new information, then you need to write about something that stokes your passion or that reflects your daily experience. Try some of these ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Gaming. Nowadays, many people play games. You can write about games you play and post updates and/or cheats/hints.
  • Politics. Sure, everyone has an opinion about politics, but you may have a unique point of view that needs to be heard.
  • Food. Who doesn’t love good food? Share your recipes, start writing reviews of the local cuisine scene or write about how the food that you ate in China was nothing like the food that Chinese restaurants serve in the United States of America.
  • Movies. Reviews of movies, old and new, are always fun for movie buffs. And if you keep it fresh by adding clips and pull from sources that nobody else is using, you could have a hit blog on your hands.
  • Cars. Are you a car enthusiast? Post pictures of your favorite new models or reports from car shows.
  • Love. Everybody needs some love! Maybe you can give advice about how to get a date! If you’re a little more inappropriate maybe be a little sexual to get more men or women followers.
  • Your business. Your blog doesn’t have to be a hobby. A blog can be a fantastic tool for connecting with your customers and for providing them with helpful information.